What Could I Do?

I thought for years what could I do that I may glory God,
To do what ancient prophets did, that I their footsteps trod,
When God awoke my yearning heart, told me just to listen,
To drop all sense of self and sin, see what made Man glisten!

Those prophets were not special! No great gift had they to choose,
But simply opened up their hearts and said, “My life please use.
Not what I am, but what Thou Art , be seen to shine through me.”
What marked them all without a doubt was their humility.

Oh let me see! Thou art my life, and I can nothing do;
But be like those brave prophets were, a mouthpiece, God, for You.
Not what I choose, but what I hear, and then as Love obey,
I only act at Thy command, performing as You say.

John 5:30 (to 🙂
I can of mine own self do nothing:

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