Fellowship (extracts)

We thank you for our fellowship
In friendship serving Thee
We thank Thee for our breakfast,
But note that Friendship’s free!!

Thank you Lord for this meeting
The gift of life and fun

We thank Thee Lord, for what you are,
And everything You be,

We Thank Thee for what matters most:
A selfless friendly club.

For this international meeting
We give thanks to Thee our Lord

Jack and Jill went up the hill
To fetch a pail of water
Jack tripped up and broke his cup
And Jill cracked up with laughter
We’re grateful Lord when times are hard
You’ve given everyone
The priceless thing that heals our ills
The timeless gift of fun!!

We Thank Thee Lord that every grace
Includes each person from each race

It’s good to be with others,
It’s good to celebrate.

We welcome Lord from overseas
Our international friends
And thank Thee for the fellowship

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