Club Service

Club Service
For what we have received
We give Thee thanks
For what we have achieved
We give Thee praise
For what is still to be done
We seek Thy strength and guidance.

Club assembly
We’re grateful Lord for what we are
A source of help to others
Help us to be a rising star
A beacon to our brothers
May Thy Love imbue our work
So make it to be fine;
And from our duties never shirk
Thus make our lives to shine.

Club Service Meeting
Now Stone Age Man, in seeking grub,
Invented first the handy club!
If used with skill, it sure could do
What it was so intended to!
And so dear Lord may we then use
Our club to give us better views
Of all the things that we should do
In simple ways, in praise of You

Club Service: Coventry –Germany Society
We ask Thee Lord in whom we live
Grant us this wisdom, – to forgive:
For what is done is in the past,
Our future’s from the present cast.
Replace with love where there’s been harm
Reach out to each with outstretched arm,
With each hand hold one another,
Seeing each as sister, brother.
Lord in giving Thee our praise
Let forgiveness rule our ways.

Club Service
We thank Thee Lord for fellowship
It can be lots of fun
Especially for Club Service
That relies on every…body.

Club Service
Dear Lord in whom we all do live
Help us be ready just to give
Forget ourselves, seek what is best,
And let Thy wisdom do the rest

Club Assembly
Father of all Rotary
Bless this Club Assembly
Create in us the will to serve
To focus straight and not to swerve
To do those things that constantly
Say to the world “We’re Rotary!”.

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