Club Service

Club Service
For what we have received
We give Thee thanks
For what we have achieved
We give Thee praise
For what is still to be done
We seek Thy strength and guidance.

Club assembly
We’re grateful Lord for what we are
A source of help to others
Help us to be a rising star
A beacon to our brothers
May Thy Love imbue our work
So make it to be fine;
And from our duties never shirk
Thus make our lives to shine.

Club Service Meeting
Now Stone Age Man, in seeking grub,
Invented first the handy club!
If used with skill, it sure could do
What it was so intended to!
And so dear Lord may we then use
Our club to give us better views
Of all the things that we should do
In simple ways, in praise of You

Club Service: Coventry –Germany Society
We ask Thee Lord in whom we live
Grant us this wisdom, – to forgive:
For what is done is in the past,
Our future’s from the present cast.
Replace with love where there’s been harm
Reach out to each with outstretched arm,
With each hand hold one another,
Seeing each as sister, brother.
Lord in giving Thee our praise
Let forgiveness rule our ways.

Club Service
We thank Thee Lord for fellowship
It can be lots of fun
Especially for Club Service
That relies on every…body.

Club Service
Dear Lord in whom we all do live
Help us be ready just to give
Forget ourselves, seek what is best,
And let Thy wisdom do the rest

Club Assembly
Father of all Rotary
Bless this Club Assembly
Create in us the will to serve
To focus straight and not to swerve
To do those things that constantly
Say to the world “We’re Rotary!”.


We thank you for our fellowship
In friendship serving Thee
We thank Thee for our breakfast,
But note that Friendship’s free!!

We thank Thee for this meeting,
For those with various means,
For all our food and fellowship,
For eggs and toast and beans.

Thank you Lord for this meeting
The gift of life and fun
The fact we have good heating.
To keep warm every-one.

We thank Thee Lord, for what you are,
And everything You be,
We Thank Thee for us being here,
For coffee and hot tea…

We Thank Thee for what matters most:
A selfless friendly club.
And lots of marmalade and toast
And other lovely …things!

For this international meeting
We give thanks to Thee our Lord
Confident that with our colleagues
Not one here will be ignored!

Jack and Jill went up the hill
To fetch a pail of water
Jack tripped up and broke his cup
And Jill cracked up with laughter
We’re grateful Lord when times are hard
You’ve given everyone
The priceless thing that heals our ills
The timeless gift of fun!!

We Thank Thee Lord that every grace
Includes each person from each race
And so this morning, everyone
Make sure you share in love and fun

Fellowship is fun, fellowship is great
It’s good to be with others,
It’s good to celebrate.
We therefore thank Thee Father,
Please help us be aware,
That life is made a treasure
By the fellowship we share.

We give thanks for just us few
While some have flown away
And while we wish them all God Speed
We’re happy here to pray:
Dear Father thanks for fellowship
It is our high ideal
Bless those far and bless those near
And bless our breakfast meal!

We welcome Lord from overseas
Our international friends
And thank Thee for the fellowship
That starts and never ends.

Business Meetings

For what we are about to receive
Please make us truly glad
And with our plans help us to “sieve”.
The good from very bad.

Thank you Father for this meeting
Help us run it without bleating,
And teach us too to ask not beg
And give one’s friend the last fried egg.

For what we do receive
Lord help us to believe
That there is plenty more
In your eternal store.

We thank Thee our dear Father
For everything Thou dost, –
Please guide our business plans today
So they don’t gather rust!

Father bless today our business
Please make it good and lasting
And when we come to eat our meal
We thank Thee we’re not fasting!

Let’s start with this simple greeting :
Praise the lovely business meeting:
Thank you Lord for all our skill
Finely tuned to do Thy will:-
Helping us to help each other
Treating all as friend and brother.

Bless this Thy Friday morning
O God of all the earth:
And let the business meeting
Prove what we all are worth!

A business meeting, Lord, what fun
Things to do for everyone
Help us then to pick and choose
Ideas, Lord, that will not lose.
And then when we have done our best
We thank Thee Lord for well earned rest!

This business meeting starts the day
We thank Thee for its blessing
And what we’re going to do, who’ll say? –
They’d have to be a guessing!
And so dear Lord, ensure we turn
To Thee for proper guidance:
So let our hearts within us burn; –
But first let’s have our breakfast!!

We thank Thee Father from above
That YOU have sown the seeds of Love.
Grant us the courage Lord to share
That all things prosper with due care.
Grant us the wisdom how to serve,
From our duties not to swerve,
We thank Thee in humility
We’re planted firm in Rotary.

Another business meeting
They do come thick and fast
Give us Lord the strength to cope
And actions that will last!

Dear Father
Grant us the patience, wisdom and good humour
to leave every meeting the better for our contributions.

Dear Father bless this gathering
Of Rotarians and friends,
And may this evening be the kind
That no one wants to end
And as we give our promises of
Things that we will do
May we remember always
Our best is done with you.

Significant Events 1997-2002

In memory of Diana, Princess of Wales 1997
For this our International Fellowship , we bow our heads in memory of Diana, knowing that, as we celebrate her life, our gratitude is best shown by doing both the grand and little things that help others.

Millennium Christmas 1999
With this our last meeting of the 20th Century, grant us O Lord the same faith you gave Abraham nearly 2000 years BC, that whereas he founded a nation, that we may go forward and make one nation of the world.

Worst floods in 50 years 2000
Dear Lord, we offer our prayers of support to all those who are suffering from the
effects of floods or other personal disasters.
May Thy love reach them, support them, and provide them with all they need.

Christmas 2000
Dear Lord, in this Christmas season, please give us the grace to remember those less
fortunate than ourselves. May all feel the touch of Thy love, finding therein peace and true friendship. Amen

Terrorist acts in America 11.9.2001 (Twin Towers)
Dear Father, in the aftermath of terror, may we still feel Thy Love, reaching and touching all hearts, supporting those in need, replacing hurt with healing, anger with wisdom, and revealing the true brotherhood of all nations and peoples.

Aberfan remembered 1966: 35th anniversary 2001
Let all those present that now can
Recall the horror: Aberfan.
The feeling of sheer disbelief, –
The local pain, the national grief.
But rising from emotions deep
Eternal hope began to creep, –
Hand to hand and heart to heart
True brotherhood did play its part.
We give thanks for courage strong
That ensures that life goes on.

Foot and Mouth Epidemic 2001
Dear Lord, we offer our prayers of support to all those who are affected by the present crisis in the countryside. May all unite in the bond of togetherness, knowing that true friendship is indeed Service Before Self

In memory of the Queen Mother 2002
Dear Father, we pray that the qualities of integrity, duty and compassion
which shone as a beacon in the life of the Queen Mother also shine in our
hearts that her life be remembered by our deeds

Guest Speakers

Welcoming a guest
Dear Lord, help us to do our best
And make each welcome as a guest
Notwithstanding race or creed
Help us to meet a brother’s need.

District Governor speaker
We thank Thee Lord for our DG
Especially as its him not me:
Please give your wisdom to us all
That we may learn to walk not crawl.

Festival of Light
We thank Thee Lord that day though night
Thy goodness stays the same
And with these words “Let there be light”
We glory in Thy name.

Bee Keepers’ Association
Dear Lord we thank Thee for the BEE
It is a little treasure,
It brings to life a lot of BUZZ
And fills our lives with pleasure!

Special Meeting – election
Dear Lord please bless this special meeting
Help us gathered here select
Those worthy to hold fast this greeting
“We serve the World”: please so elect.

Children Homes in Need
Protect Thy children everywhere
No matter where they be
And let out lives express Thy care
In love and constancy.

Macmillan Nurses
Dear Lord, we turn to Thee in need
Protect us from all harm,
And may Thy touch give healing strength
In which we find true calm……

History of Coventry Rotary
Dear Lord, as life is such a mystery
Help us to learn things from the past
Hide not from us those bits of history
On which our present has been cast.

Dear Lord it really would be tragic,
If in our lives there was no magic
So let us thank you for this gift
That gives to all an instant lift

Visit from friends overseas
We thank Thee Lord for fellowship
It is a lovely thing
It makes us want to laugh and shout
It makes us want to sing!
We’re grateful Lord for Your outreach
Across the waters blue
For sending guests from far off lands
Sri Lanka, Nepal, Peru!

The Coventry Way (Coventry footpath)
We’re grateful Lord for every day
For it’s true just what they say
That when we all to Thee do pray
Thou wilt reveal the perfect WAY.

Charity, giving of cheques
Dear Lord please help us to believe
It’s good to both give and receive
For we are richer when we part
With off’rings from within the heart,
And thanking Thee for what is given
Leads us nearer, Lord , to heaven.

The year has been and gone, – it’s went:
We’ll soon have ‘nother president!
And if this makes you feel quite chary
Worry not, her name is Mary!
And so our thanks for all things new,
Each day, each life, the things we’ll do
Help us also have good times,
Protect us from excessive fines!
We thank Thee Lord for this our Club
Now form a queue and gets your grub!

Lifting Hearts.
We thank Thee Lord for all Thou art
And for the gift of Love:
May we, through Thee, lift ev’ry heart
With strength that’s from above?

Visit of the District Governor
(who likes steam trains!)
Dear Lord and Father of us all, –
The big, the thin, the high, the small,
Keep us oiled and running smooth
Like an engine in its groove,
All parts working as a team.
Together reach the rotary dream!

Youth exchange
Help us to see it is not strange
To offer things in fair exchange.
So bless all those berneath this roof, –
The middle aged, the old, the youth!

Talk on crime prevention
We pray for those who, in detention,
Had not the help of crime prevention.
Grant us Lord we help pre-empt
All situations that may tempt!

Retina Pigmentosa Society .
May all those with failing sight
Sense the presence of Thy might:
Send Thy love to mend and heal
That each Thy tender touch may feel.

National Missing persons
Dear Lord and Father of us all
Please hear us when to Thee we call
No matter where it is we be
We can’t be lost when we’re with Thee

Uganda Medical Centre for children (African Choir)
Dear Lord may we all sing Thy praise
And recognise Thy glory
So that the children that You raise
Can share in love this story:
That all who seek in Thee their wealth
May bear witness to good health

Emmaus Organisation
As two men walked along the road
The Scriptures were revealed:
Their grief and sorrow had been strong
But now it had been healed.
Dear Father help us all to see
That when life seems unfair
That we can always turn to Thee:
Thou here and everywhere.

Dear Lord who loves and does not hate
Give us the strength to feel
That through Thy Love we can relate
And all our problems heal.

We pray dear Lord we do not botch
Our new relationship with W.A.T.C.H
Grant us the strength to do Thy will
To help all those upon the hill!
And also Lord we give Thee thanks
That true wealth does not come from banks
But from the blessings of Thy grace
That reaches all, whate’er their race.

Talk about cancer treatment
Dear Lord, the sculptor of all life
We pray for strength to master strife;
To know, when suffering’s hard to bear,
Thy Love still reaches everywhere.
Please mould us all to do Thy will,
That we express Thy wondrous skill.

Japanese exchange students
Dear Lord we thank Thee all we can
For sending scholars from Japan.
Across the world for all to see
A unified com-mun-it-ee.
So may we speak with one accord
For worldwide friendship, thank you Lord.

Mission to Seamen
Father, Father, hear our pleas
Protect Thy children on the seas.
Tho’ storm or tempest rage and blow,
Help each of us to really know,
That whereever we may be,
We are safe when we’re with Thee..

Comic Relief.
It really must this day be said
We hope the world is blessed with red!
Lord, may there be Comic Relief
That simply passes all belief!
With our eyes above your nose
Watch how all the funding grows
Help us Father to take part
Active minds and generous heart.

Myton Hospice
Dear Father bless Thy children dear
And protect them from all fear
May Thy love, with tender feeling
Give to all true peace, and healing.

Talk about bats
O Father creator of dogs and cats
We thank Thee for the friendly bats.
They hang serene above the ground
And make their special radar sound.
May we all stay attuned to Thee
Batting on for Rotary