God’s Great Love 2016


Be still, dear friend, think back the day
When angels sang to shepherds cold,
And starry night lit up their way,
As God’s great Love did them enfold.

And in the stable they did see
Our Saviour just as they’d been told.
With “Peace on earth” eternally
Our God’s great Love did them enfold.

Dear brethren, God’s dear Love was planned
To reach all hearts, to make all gold.
This Christmas take your neighbour’s hand:
Let God’s great Love you all enfold.

And when your heart is full of Love
It radiates through all you are:
And shining thus it seems thereof
The universe has one more star!

Diamond Jubilee

Queen's Diamond Jubilee Poem
Jubillee 1952-2012

This poem was sent to Her Majesty The Queen in celebration of her Diamond Jubilee. An appreciative letter was received back from Her Lady-in-Waiting, making it clear that Her Majesty had been touched by the sentiments expressed. The poem was also read out to Flushing Residents on the occasion of their celebrations, warmly received, and remained on show for a month in the local shop window in warm celebration.

History will surely indicate, and most people know now, that Queen Elizabeth is one of the most important figures in the United Kingdom, a true model of public service above self. Her Christmas messages and deep faith are a true beacon and inspiration to many.

We wish her a very happy 90th year.

God’s Gift 2015

Contented oxen munched clean hay;
The barn soft-echoed with their sound,
And in soft light our Saviour lay,
While shepherds knelt upon the ground.

What gift of God those men did see,
As stars looked down with blessed light:
God’s Love that spans eternity:
What they then saw, gave them new sight.

May we see too, each hallowed day,
His Love that ever seeks to bless;
That gently shows to each, The Way:
In giving love, true happiness.

Unto Us A Child is Born 2014

Star shadows lay night-dark on ground,
while crescent moon curved distant light:
The cold caused breath from man and beast
To quiver in the depth of night.

Vigilant shepherds all as one
Heard angel voice: they lifted gaze!
A holy moment touched each heart:
“Your Saviour born! Give God your praise!”

That angel voice became a throng,
Grand melody of song and joy!
With one accord the shepherds said
“Let’s run to greet this baby boy!”

Like those shepherds let us behold,
The angel light of love and peace,
The shining presence of the Christ
That shines through each and all of us.

The Christmas Gift 2013

The child sat by the fireside flooring,
Waiting, waiting, for Santa Claus.
She knew deep down he’d be here a-coming:
For Santa just didn’t do doors!

She’d written a letter most carefully,
In which she’d expressed the fond hope
Dear Santa might, possibly, give to her
A shiny new black telescope!

She had been told that two thousand years back
A star shone with a brilliant light,
Now she wanted to look in the heavens
To see if she saw the same sight.

The child, long waiting, fell down in sweet sleep,
But woke with a jump and a start!
A torrent of soot had shot over her foot
And covered the floor in good part!

To her bedroom she sped up to get clean,
but a sootprint was there by her door!
And when she looked in, she gave out a grin!
A telescope stood on the floor!

Window open, the night sky was in view,
She looked through the scope and she saw
A brilliant white star was shining on her….
The Love that shone then shone yet more!

Christmas Message 2012

There is a magic we all share
That comes at Christmas time:
No matter what one’s faith or creed,
It is a hope divine.

A hope that all around the world
We hold each others’ hand
And simply say with honesty
“I’d like to understand”

“To understand all fears and doubts
To help remove each one,
So just for once at Christmas time
There’s peace for everyone”

Let everyone be thus involved,
So each may play their part:
Reborn each day God’s love for man:
May Christmas touch your heart.

Christmas Poem 2011

When all around seems bleak and cold
Remember please this story old:
Midst Roman rule and Herod’s law,
And poverty that made men sore,
A light shone forth in dark of night
That told of God, the one true Might.
And three wise men beheld this sign,
Responded to this light divine,
And came with gifts to recognise
The gift of God before men’s eyes.

The baby Jesus, innocent,
The problems of the world would rent.
Sin, sickness, death he would dispose;
God’s love for you and I disclose.
That light still shines, it never went,
For it was from heaven sent.
So this Christmas, through the year,
If ever doubts and fears appear,
Remember please this story old:
The Christ is here. Look up! Behold!



The infinity of shoreline nudges at my thought
Its ebb and flow so constant, imagination caught!
Tracks of birds, free running dogs, all flow across the sand,
Washed away each rising surf, with fresh new canvas planned.
It leaves with me a message, its constancy will last,
That what is now is greater than that which has now passed.
The shoreline ever changes, each sees it diff’rent ways,
So take your fill of what you see, feel proud nature’s praise.

Let the ebb back-pedal, and reveal each nuance new,
Stimulate the watchful eye with perspicacious view.

Then flow again, with plenitude, ever-reaching surf,
Refurbish now and so re-clean the edges of our earth.

If with vision I behold, across infinity,
That these shorelines in my thought give birth to insight free,
Let me wash clean the slate of life, with forgiveness go,
And know for every ebb there is, there also comes the flow.
See Nature’s art unfolding, as Love creates anew,
The miracle of shoreline is that it’s me and you.