Just Smile!


I gave a lovely present,
Once given it was gone!
I couldn’t give another one,
It was the only one!

A stranger drew a random smile:
Flew from my face – no distance spared!
It lit his face with warmth and joy
To know that someone truly cared.

And his returning smile just spread
And lit up all the space between, –
A smile once given’s never dead,
But catches all within its sheen.

Oh let’s give thanks some things are free:
Once given true contagion breaks!
Dear friend, with never-ending smiles
Just see the constant joy that makes!

Make someone’s day, -just give a smile,
For the more you give will you have
A smile does not exist alone.
For it is born and shared with Love

God’s Angels

Hush dear child and listen hard,
Can you hear those angel wings?
The voice of God that comes to you
And of the Kingdom gently sings?

Hush dear child, and feel that touch
Reaching deep within your heart,
For angel voices heal and soothe
When they’re allowed to play their part.

Hush dear child, for angels come
To lead and take you higher,
Take hold their hand, just feel God’s love,
Aglow with heavenly fire.

Now rise in strength, my little child,
Be healed, refreshed, as good as new.
God’s angels here, right now at hand,
With gentle Love support you too.

The Gardener


The garden was her life. The unfolding seasons as reflected in the changing patterns of what grew and died and returned newborn seemed to her the unfolding of her inner being, parts no longer needed now discarded as outgrown, ever developing in all its glory and becoming ever more stunning in her mind’s eye. Each day she would tend some new area, revisit an old; there was never any pattern, but simply as her gaze rested and impulse took her, perhaps as guided by some unseen Hand.

With care and love she nurtured plant, earth, cleared stone wall, removed weeds, seeded, planted, all cleansing and nourishing her soul.

And as the garden grew more beautiful, so did she……..

The Bumble Bee

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From the unrestricted freedom of the open air,
The bumble bee flew unwittingly into our conservatory.
Within seconds it had bumped and buzzed against an invisible window,
And it repeated its actions in bewildered puzzlement.
Again and again, in futile frustration, the bumping and buzzing reverberated.
It just didn’t know what was preventing it flying forwards.
So it buzzed and bumped in blind repetition, for that was all it could conceive.
Ever more tired and confused, its efforts became more sporadic.
It fell onto the sill, near to giving up,
Gathering strength for a final fling of desperate helpless hope.

It didn’t know that its plight had already been heard:
Two kindly hands with glass tumbler and stiff card were on their way.
Sudden entrapment caught the bumble unawares.
In furious fear and tight enclosure, its bewilderment was complete,
It buzzed ferociously, loudly, fighting in utter ignorance of what was happening:
But by the open patio door, released and now unfettered, it flew, flew skywards!
Zigzagging in the unexpected joy and relief of freedom,
Not knowing how, but wonderfully, gloriously, free.
Free to be itself.

It made me think.
How often do I keep bumping along, seeing no progress, refusing to change my ways.
Not realising what was preventing my going forward,
Not knowing what to do, where to go, how to go, so just keeping safe (?) in the old routines.
Perhaps puzzled by the world’s illogicality,
Not prepared or even too scared, to challenge, or to follow a different way,
That is already waiting:
Not realising that sometimes the only way forward is to stop………….
Think. Repent. Be brave enough and wise enough, to do something differently.
The bumble bee had been trying too hard. Ultimately, by itself, it could do nothing.*
If only it knew that help was at hand.
If only I knew.

Jesus said “Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”

Stop fighting it! Yield the mortal self, the arrogance of self-will and selfish pride!
The blind and stubborn mortal personality, shouting to exist, must be no more.
Right where I am, the door to the kingdom is already open, but in the other direction!
Love is here, always here, omnipotent hands outstretched in tenderness and healing.
Be still… Trust…. Yield….. Let…… Now!
Know and feel that I am, and simply be, God’s child.**
For when I knew it not, Love had already taken me up,
Already knew and knows my freedom.

Even in the depths of despair, we can, in sweet self-surrender, suddenly find,
In Love’s care and protection, we are already in the heavenly kingdom.
Because Love loves and liberates, releases from all shackles,
We have the absolute freedom of spiritual being:
Wonderfully, gloriously, free.
If only we would turn:

*”I can of mine own self do nothing:” John 5:30 (to:)
“Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” Matt.4:17 Repent
**”Behold, now are we the sons of God” 1 John 3:2 (to 2nd,)

A Heavenly Bond

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Just like the ivy clinging tight to the wall, I will cling to my God, who is Spirit and All.

And as every tendril is fastened like glue, I feel my whole being close-fastened to You.


True Birthright.

What is our birthright?

From Mother earth, dust-fed DNA, and star-bathed water,
Fabled life emerged:
And in the limited vastness of the ignorant universe
Matter earth, unknowing, round and round the sun in cosmos span:
The lie of finite life in mortal mind and myth began.

Our birthright above and beyond false elemental earth.
Love, Soul, spoke across the ALL-NESS of Life.
And, thus conceived by Spirit infinite,
The true Father-Mother beheld in thought the ever-now of its own unlimited perfection.
And MAN, – immortal, rejoices in eternal, pure and limitless REFLECTION.


“Cease ye from man, whose breath is in his nostrils:” Isaiah 2:22 (to:)
“I know that, whatsoever God doeth, it shall be forever,” Eccl. 3:14 (to 3rd,)
“Let us make man in our image, after our likeness:” Gen. 1:26 (Let)

“Everything Is Yes!”


O positive acclaim of all that really is! Full spiritual sense surrounding all I gaze and look upon –and feel within..
In still wonder, deep awareness, “Yes” cries again and again, again, ever more powerful; the wonder of life and being and infinite outreach beyond what eyes see, to reach what Mind beholds, out-distancing furthest stars, yet fullest detail and present knowledge of all things that “yes” ordains. In awe of this word, I find myself totally liberated.

Full confidence of God, yes, here as my life, Father-Mother sharing His/Her creation with His/Her creation. 
Everything is YES expressed, – no doubt, no fear, but God as All.

And God spake, – the Word was YES!


In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John 1:1

Two swallows


Two swallows played close-chase ‘gainst perfect blue sky:
Darted, swift, oh so graceful,
Together down, at speed, green field, tree, sky, hedge and sky again,
Supported and at one with air-cushion unseen,
No thought to how their flight, but happy in that instinct.
Did they thrill to wind in their wings,
The unfolding landscapes, each-other so close in flight, speed, innate harmony?

Both disappeared beyond hedged horizon,
But remained held in my thought.

And I realised God’s idea of me stayed in His/Her thought.
That I, too, was held, supported in Mind, divine consciousness,
In the safe solidity and surround of infinite good;
That we are the purpose and fulfilment of God’s creation,
Playing joyfully, free,
Buoyed by Spirit–cushion unseen,
Forever held in the everlasting arms of Love.


“The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms:”  Deuteronomy 33:27 (to:)