Business Meetings

For what we are about to receive
Please make us truly glad
And with our plans help us to “sieve”.
The good from very bad.

Thank you Father for this meeting
Help us run it without bleating,
And teach us too to ask not beg
And give one’s friend the last fried egg.

For what we do receive
Lord help us to believe
That there is plenty more
In your eternal store.

We thank Thee our dear Father
For everything Thou dost, –
Please guide our business plans today
So they don’t gather rust!

Father bless today our business
Please make it good and lasting
And when we come to eat our meal
We thank Thee we’re not fasting!

Let’s start with this simple greeting :
Praise the lovely business meeting:
Thank you Lord for all our skill
Finely tuned to do Thy will:-
Helping us to help each other
Treating all as friend and brother.

Bless this Thy Friday morning
O God of all the earth:
And let the business meeting
Prove what we all are worth!

A business meeting, Lord, what fun
Things to do for everyone
Help us then to pick and choose
Ideas, Lord, that will not lose.
And then when we have done our best
We thank Thee Lord for well earned rest!

This business meeting starts the day
We thank Thee for its blessing
And what we’re going to do, who’ll say? –
They’d have to be a guessing!
And so dear Lord, ensure we turn
To Thee for proper guidance:
So let our hearts within us burn; –
But first let’s have our breakfast!!

We thank Thee Father from above
That YOU have sown the seeds of Love.
Grant us the courage Lord to share
That all things prosper with due care.
Grant us the wisdom how to serve,
From our duties not to swerve,
We thank Thee in humility
We’re planted firm in Rotary.

Another business meeting
They do come thick and fast
Give us Lord the strength to cope
And actions that will last!

Dear Father
Grant us the patience, wisdom and good humour
to leave every meeting the better for our contributions.

Dear Father bless this gathering
Of Rotarians and friends,
And may this evening be the kind
That no one wants to end
And as we give our promises of
Things that we will do
May we remember always
Our best is done with you.

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