Look On Us

Look on us

“And Peter, fastening his eyes upon him with John, said “Look on us.”

Not the look of worthless pity gave they,
That makes more miserable a man already Satan-bound;
Nor of contempt, the “I am better than thou”, –
The hurried steps to leave alone as found.
NO! Here an active deed of unselfed love.
Peter saw him, and spiritually discerned with surest gaze
The perfect man, whole, complete, a fellow child of God.

“Silver and gold have I none, but such as I have give I thee:
In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk”

And he saw too, lifted up by Peter’s knowing praise
To see himself as whole indeed, no longer to live
Upon the alms of man, but in the freedom of the Lord!

“And he leaping up stood, and walked….
Walking and leaping and praising God.”

So too for us; may we so leap to see:
To walk with God, is Love’s reality.

Darius Prays for Daniel

Darius prays for Daniel

My name is Darius, I am rightly called king
I have total control over everything.
I have an hundred and twenty princes for me
And place in charge Daniel for all men to see.
The first of three presidents he is at the top:
And all queries and problems with him they will stop.
I trust him completely, for his spirit is true.
There is no other man that this job can so do.

I am honoured by this appointment, but recognise the hand of my God. It is He has given me all I have. Small is my duty to pray, but huge my reward. When I look towards Jerusalem it reminds me of my ultimate allegiance. I honour God with my total love and obedience, and He gives me of His Spirit. I honour Darius with my duty, and he knows he can trust me.

But I am not alert to the factions that brew
To the small-minded men that in jealousy stew.
They see Daniel a foreigner “falsely” preferred.
And they plan and they plot to observe him interred.
They flatter me greatly, and I’m caught of my guard.
So I sign their decree that would leave my life scarred.
I try to escape from this foul deed I have done.
But I’ve signed a death warrant for whom I’d call son.

How can I bow to Darius? This was not his wish, but it is now the law. It is a law based on hatred of what I represent. Do I show obedience to this law of the land, or the commandments of God? I know the consequences. I cannot forsake God, and He will not forsake me.

I knew that this Daniel would not bow to me;
His God was his God, and none else would there be.
He must have been tempted when he knelt down to pray
To do it in secret ‘til the thirtieth day!
The decree it must stand, for I signed it as king,
I cannot save him, I can’t do a thing……
I speak to him: “Daniel. Please oh forgive me!
But thy God whom thou servest He will save thee.”

I pray to God and feel His strength. My enemy catches me in his trap. But I’d rather be caught by man praying to God than be seen by God praying to man! God is watching o’er me. I am thrown down into the lion’s den, and as the stone seals me in I hear the king’s words, and they comfort me. He is forgiven. I feel no fear.

I seal with my signet the stone covering the den.
My heart it was heavy: lions hungry for men!
That night all sleep left me, for I knew I’d done wrong.
I prayed that his God was all powerfully strong.
But was he now dead, ripped to pieces, no more?
Has his God saved his life from the fear and the gore?
I rise early and call from the depth of my fears.
He answers! Alive then! And in joy I shed tears!

The leading lion stops in his tracks. We exchange looks. My innocence met by his. They all lie down, and I lie down with them, my arm around the neck of the most powerful. The den is filled with the aroma of Love. I put God first, and He has put me first.

He believed in his God, and no hurt has touched him.
He survived through the night when my hope had turned dim.
O Daniel I see now that your God is supreme
He has answered your call and defeated that scheme:
I order the death of all those that sought ill,
The lions were hungry! They’ve eaten their fill!
I sign new decree and I commit myself now:
To the one God of Israel all people shall bow!

Dan 6:25-28
Then king Darius wrote unto all people, nations, and languages, that dwell in all the earth; Peace be multiplied unto you. I make a decree, That in every dominion of my kingdom men tremble and fear before the God of Daniel: for he is the living God, and stedfast for ever, and his kingdom that which shall not be destroyed, and his dominion shall be even unto the end. He delivereth and rescueth, and he worketh signs and wonders in heaven and in earth, who hath delivered Daniel from the power of the lions.

So this Daniel prospered in the reign of Darius, ………


Comment: When we align ourselves with God, we align ourselves with the only power there is, and the mortal sense of power is destroyed. Love knows no hate, and when we know the Allness of Love, we cannot be touched by the nothingness of what isn’t there.

The pictures of Daniel in the Lions’ Den are by Riviere.

Elijah and the Still Small Voice

Elijah and the still small voice

My life in danger, to this cave I have fled:
My God has provided and given me bread;
For foes seek my life to take it away,
So, scared to go out, and affrightened, I stay.

“What doest thou here, Elijah?” rings in thought
“Is this hiding what service to God has now brought?”
But the enemy’s strong, too strong for just me:
“Go forth and stand forward: My message you’ll see!”

A great and strong wind gusts with power and might;
It blows down huge rocks from their mountainous height.
They crash to the ground, and their impact is clear,
But deep down I know that the Lord is not there.

An earthquake shatters the rocks all around
And chasms appear in the trembling ground.
The power is awesome as I stand and stare,
But the message remains: the Lord is not there.

A fire bursts forth, and with flame the land lit:
The landscape burns bright, and rocks blister and split.
There seems no escape from this heat everywhere,
But once more this knowledge: the Lord is not there.

A strange calm replaces the forces that raged:
An infinite stillness that time never aged.
My fears fall away, for a voice sure yet small
Says clearly within me. “Fear not. God is All”.

Let quietness and stillness be my assured choice,
For only in listening can I hear God’s voice:
No matter what challenge attacks, gives alarm,
I know now so clearly, with God, there’s no harm.

God says: “I am Soul, omnipotent All,
I hold you secure: and you never can fall.
The tender touch of My infinite power
Is always besides you. I’m with you each hour.”

And just like both Moses and Joseph before,
God now directs me that I do that much more.
His radiant glory enlightens my way,
I must now go forward. I cannot just stay.

Oh, show me dear Father this way I must go,
To share with Thy children the Love all must know, –
For it’s only through Love we can express Soul:
To understand Life, is to fulfill Life’s role.

“My soul shall be joyful in my God” Isaiah 61:10
“The very circumstance, which your suffering sense deems wrathful and afflictive, Love can make an angel entertained unawares” S&H 574:27-30

I Dreamed a Dream

I dreamed a dream

The readiness of Joseph, something to sing about…..

“I dreamed this dream, magicians bold,
Do tell me what it meant?”
And out of all the wisest men,
There was no answer sent.

Now Joseph never lost his faith,
The Lord stayed by him true;
Two years unjustly imprisoned,-
No bitterness he knew.

When the need for Joseph came,
Mentally he was ready.
Oh, what a lesson for mankind!
His spirit had kept steady.

At last he came out of prison,
Was shaved and clothed afresh.
He knew that God was his Father:
They saw him as just flesh.

“I dreamed a dream O mortal man
And I wondered what it means?
There is no one here can help me,
Can you interpret dreams?”

And there he stood before Pharoah,
Did he feel strange or odd?
His reply came straight from the heart:
“My standing is of God.”

And with the Spirit Joseph spoke;
The dream it was revealed:
For with God’s wisdom all was clear,
And harmony was sealed.

Oh Holy Spirit wash me through,
True humbleness please find:
In patient trust, when I let go,
I see unfolding Mind.

Oh Let me learn from Joseph’s love,
With understanding true,
To be awake is not to dream,
It is to be with You.

Love is Everything

Love is everything


“Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself”. Matt 22:39

O Lord my God let love for Thee
Take over all my being,
Let recognition of true self
Just flood through all I’m seeing.

In gratitude for God’s great Love
I find my life in You.
And thus I find Your Love o’erflows,
In everything I do.

©2017 Ken G Cooper Taken from my book “Unlock Potential – With Love”.

In God’s dear Love where we belong,
Her Love is gentle, His Love strong.
It does not matter where we are –
Whether here or very far,
Boundless Mind protects us all;
For wisdom covers every call.
Listen, feel, Love’s infinite touch:
God loves us all, so very much.

When we love, we find Love……….when we find Love, we love more…………


Walk In Freedom, In Thy Truth

Freedom In The Truth


“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8: 32

The promise of our Master was really very clear,
Its message was to all men, to follow without fear.
He said “If ye continue”, – and that means every day,
To be his true disciple, his word you must obey.
What is this truth that we shall know and which maketh free?
It is this fact: God made man, – that He made you, made me!
Now God is Truth, is infinite, that can never change:
Reading through the Bible, we see error as all strange!
With eternal Principle, the Truth remains the same,
Man is God’s creation in both nature and in name.
Jesus healed his thousands, and he never made them wait,
No need for convalescence, – health is our present state!
God’s work was always finished, we can expect no less,
It is merely false belief that sees our world a mess!
Walk with the Truth! Don’t be tempted asking “How?”
For there is no problem, when perfection is right now!
Jesus meant just what he said, for truth it maketh free:
Perfection is the standard; pure freedom all can see!


Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 8:31,32

Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect” Matthew 5:48

Jairus’ Daughter (updated)

Jairus’ daughter 2018

Matthew 10:18-25, Mark 22-43, Luke 8:41-55.

My daughter lies sick, she is moaning and crying
And I dread the worst, for it looks like she’s dying.
I am one of the rulers of synagogues here,
But in this I am helpless, my thoughts ruled with fear.
My prayers now seem hollow, for can this be God’s will?
I kneel for His guidance, how I need to be still!
My great love for my girl makes me both weak and strong,
What more help can I seek? she has not got long.

I hear from a friend the prophet Jesus can heal,
He speaks of new life, God’s kingdom as real.
I feel deep within me he could heal her, but how?
My heart leaps with last hope, I must find him right now.
I make urgent enquiries, – he’s here, by the sea!
I find him quite quickly, and beseech : “I pray thee!
My little daughter lieth at the point of death,
Please come and heal her before she breathes her last breath!”

I need him to come with me, his word will not do;
My wife needs to meet with him, to understand too.
He responds to my need, turns with love to my home.
We must now go quickly, can’t he see there’s no time!
But someone has touched him, – my heart misses a beat,
For he stands and looks round at the crowd in the street!
“Who touched my clothes?” he asks with a gentle request.
(But my daughter is dying! – I feel great unrest).

A woman comes forth, kneeling and trembling with doubt,
What she’d hoped could be quiet we’ve now all found out!
Jesus spoke to her kindly, as God’s daughter true,
Her faith made her whole, she was free, become new.
For twelve years she’d been sick, – twelve years weary and worn,
The same number of years since my daughter was born!
But weren’t both God’s dear daughters? This gave me fresh zeal,
For I’d just glimpsed for myself God’s love could sure heal.

We’re about to move on, and I’d taken the lead,
When friends come from my household: “Thy daughter is dead!
Why trouble the master any further” they say.
And Jesus replies, “Be not afraid! Only pray.”
But what can he do? This simply beggars belief
That with her now dead we could find peace and relief!
We approach to my house, and the mourners wax loud,
My dear daughter already to them in her shroud.

Once more Jesus speaks, saying she is but asleep.
They so laugh him to scorn, calling him a mad creep!
Their thought is not helpful, and he casts them all out,
Which makes them scoff more and more stubbornly shout.
But he takes Peter, James, John, both me and my wife,-
We quietly enter, feel the presence of Life.
I think of that woman restored after so long,
But raising the dead? Are my doubts yet so strong?

Jesus said to believe, and goes up to her bed:
“Maid, arise.” And she gets up, yes, she that was dead!
We’re both just astonished, for our daughter’s now whole!
All fear has quite gone! We glimpse Spirit, see Soul!
We’d all been asleep! Oh, don’t believe what flesh sees:
In the presence of Life he’s proved Truth is what frees.
Hold fast then to Truth; for Christ’s love will reveal
The beauty of life is forever and real.

©Ken G Cooper 2018

Thy Will Be Done

Thy Will Be Done 2018

Help me Lord to hear Thy will,
To be at peace, to be quite still,
To listen quietly for Thy voice,
To know there is no need for choice:
For everything is in Thy hand
And I am happy there to stand.

Teach me Lord to do Thy will,
In steadfast ways to work until
The job is done: make me take heed –
To be obedient’s all I need.
For everything is in Thy hand
And I am happy there to stand.

Thy will be done. I see at last
There is no future, there’s no past:
The present fills infinity,
I stand with God, at one with Thee!
Salvation’s Life, Truth, Love You bring!
I am so happy – here! Oh sing!

Prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of Hosts, if I will not open you the windows of
heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.
Malachi 3:10 prove

Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.
Enable us to know, as in heaven, so on earth, God is
omnipotent, supreme
S&H 17:1-3

SALVATION. Life, Truth, and Love understood and
demonstrated as supreme over all: sin, sickness, and
death destroyed. S&H 593:20

Science and Health with key to the Scriptures. Mary Baker Eddy .

©Ken Cooper 2018

NEW YEAR 2018: Go On In!

New Year 2018. Go On In!

My life it seemed hemmed in, with walls on every side,
Whichever way I looked, however hard I tried,
What would be my future, could I be set free?
These walls were like a tomb, this not a place to be!

I prayed my heart to God, to show me what to do,
And heard His message clear, “My Love is great for you,
Behold right now, and know, no matter what’s been done,
I am your Father-Mother, and love you as My son.

By My very nature, my arms are always wide,
My door is always open, from Love one cannot hide”.
I listened and obeyed. One step to Him I trod,
My true home found at last. My life at one with God.

That one step took trust, -and I had to hold God’s hand, –
She showed me all Her kingdom, I saw the Promised Land!
God’s Love was there, ’twas all around, freedom it was won.
I felt and knew a truth divine: I stood as God’s own son!

No matter where you are, just one stride lets you in.
Her Love is always there, and takes away all sin.
God can never shutter His constant love for man,
His door is always open. Walk right through now! You can!

      Image used from http://insertmedia.office.microsoft.com